Flâneuse is a singer-songwriter and psychogeographer based in London.

Inspired by wandering and the observation of everyday moments, Flâneuse produces thoughtful music with true reflections at its heart. Behind the pseudonym is Miriam Briggs, a classically-trained musician from Gloucester. Miriam draws inspiration from improvisation and spontaneity, often with a focus on bringing a specific idea to prominence through her work.

Central themes in recent works include manifesting interpersonal emotional connections and embodying nature as a source of growth and empowerment. Her approach to crafting her pieces is heavily influenced by R&B, Jazz and Soul, as well as her experience leading orchestras and string quartets. Miriam brings together her multi-faceted musical background to create sound worlds which dreamily champion ideas of quietness, flow and nature. Miriam is currently working on her debut release And Flowers an EP focusing on how we can move through situations by learning from, observing and embodying our surroundings.

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