Abena Essah is a multidisciplinary artist based in London, a poet, musician, actor and creative of many hats. Their poetry often explores personal identity focusing on intersections of their queer identity, music, Ghanaian heritage and untold black history.

Abena Essah has been published by Spread the Word with Ink Sweat and Tears and Marques Almeida for London Fashion Week 2020. They have performed their music and poetry at the Southbank Centre with Outspoken Live, the Brainchild Festival, the Baroque at Edge Festival and they were one of the speakers for the Channel 4 documentary Hair Power: Me and My Afro.

They are a BBC Words First finalist, a Roundhouse Poetry Slam finalist and a Some-Antics Slam Champion. They are also an alumnus of the Obsidian Foundation and The Writing Room and the Roundhouse Poetry Collective. They are currently a Barbican Young Poet.

Musically, Abena Essah is influenced a range of genres from soul, to indie to RnB. Their own sound can be described as soulful, alternative and harmonic – capturing the nostalgia, joy and confusion of growing into your skin and falling in and out of love.

Abena Essah is currently working on their debut EP and their debut theatre show.

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