Project dates: 2015 and 2017

Project Overview:
On Mass brings together professional and emerging music and performance artists from around the world, in a celebration of youth, creativity, diversity, integration and crossing borders. These themes are showcased at the culmination of the project, in a high profile production in the Roundhouse Main Space, as part of London Jazz Festival, bi-annually.

The international young musicians – selected following week long workshops in the home countries – participate in a series of masterclasses and collaborations over the course of a week, in which they gain valuable exposure to the London music scene.


  • 2015: Ukraine, South Africa, Nigeria and the UK
  • 2017: India, Faroe Islands, USA and UK

Partner Organisations:

  • 2015: Shelter+, Little Giants, The Muson Centre, Kinetika Bloco, Queens Crescent Community Association and William Ellis School
  • 2017: Dharavi Rocks, The Nordic House, Preservation Hall, MODO

Funders: SA-UK Seasons 2014/15, the Department of Arts and Culture, South Africa, the British Council and TANDEM Cultural Managers Exchange Ukraine.

Project Statistics (2015):

  • 280 young musicians took part in the project
  • 1000+ audience members for the live performance
  • 4,600+ viewers for the live broadcast

I don’t think I’ve ever been in anything quite as brilliant as this – a timely reminder of the power of art to unite people

Jamie Cullum, Jazz Musician and On Mass 2015 participant