Pudding is an informal discussion platform for audiences to digest artistic performances.

If you’ve ever been in the bar after a show, or on the tube after a gig, you’ll have noticed that these spaces are humming with conversation. The best bit of seeing something is often the chat you have about it afterwards.

However, as audience members we are rarely encouraged to make the most of the community of like-minded people in the room around us. And as arts organisations we rarely utilise the opportunity to connect with our audiences when they are most receptive, losing a vital opportunity to develop these relationships when arts funding is in a state of precarity.

Pudding builds an evidence base that demonstrates the social impact of the sector while giving audiences a memorable post-event experience.

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About the founder

Georgia Attlesley is a creative producer, facilitator and arts curator who has worked with organisations across the cultural sector to deliver nationally acclaimed seasons, creative partnerships and artistic commissions. In 2016 she co-founded Kerb Crates, a series of lunchtime talks and performances exploring what the city is for and has chaired sold out events at the Southbank Cenre and London Creative Network. She has mentored for the Roundhouse and Women of the World Festival and is now a fellow of the Royals Society for the Arts.