Merging the worlds of art, culture, community and storytelling, Kanaiza is a black owned independent digital gallery and art storytelling house.

Founded by Vanessa Kanaiza Onalo, Kanaiza is home to a global community of 57,000+ multidisciplinary artists and art lovers alike, facilitating authentic culture led narratives and art experiences.

The Kanaiza Art Storytelling house works with creative talent and real communities to carve a new path within the art industry for diverse artists, creative visionaries and muses.

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About Vanessa Kanaiza Onalo

Raised in Nairobi, Kenya and now also an East London native, former advertising creative director turned cultural producer curates art for the self founded Kanaiza community gallery and art storytelling agency. Drawing from her experiences as a member of two very distinct worlds, each with their own set of rules and subcultures, Vanessa has the unique ability to see the world through an alternative lens; akin to speaking a third language understood between local and international diaspora communities. Vanessa pushes for inclusive ideas and global approaches that champion underrepresented art production talent and narratives.