The Medela School is an organisation that aims to help individuals and communities improve their emotional and mental well-being through visual art workshops.

Through education and wellness, our goal is to provide accessibility to visual arts for everyday people. We offer both skills based visual arts classes such as landscape painting classes, alongside developing workshops that target areas of well-being such as managing stress. We work in a holistic way combining the efforts of well-being practitioners and artists to develop our programmes. We hope to equip people with practical and fun tools to manage their well-being whilst also introducing them to art as a practice.

About the founder

Oriana Jemide is a British Nigerian multidisciplinary creative and creative entrepreneur working within visual arts and creative writing . She is a BA Fine Art First Class graduate and a landscape and nature artist. Her work focuses on developing sensory architectural and landscape sets through combining multiple mediums including painting, sculpture, photography and sound. Currently she is focused on the painting aspect of her work creating large scale landscape paintings. A therapeutic art life coach, she is passionate about the tangible impact creativity has on people not just through consumption but creation.

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