The vision of utopian brand, FACTORY OF THE SOL is an Art & Tech Studio.

FACTORY OF THE SOL is an Art & Tech Studio split into 2 main outputs: developing and manufacturing of its own projects and then manufacturing and an online shop for other artists / brands.

FACTORY OF THE SOL is entrenched in the idea of futurism and wants every project to be at the heart of innovation in hopes of striving towards the utopian idea of a brand. Each drop will carry the baton of the last one. It believes that this new wave of technology in crypto can open new doors in the world for changes for a fairer tomorrow, and that the gap between art and tech is interchangeable. We want bridge art and tech; the physical and the digital.

About the founder

Omnis vos scio is a London based artist, designer, producer, director and more. Being the co-founder of FACTORY OF THE SOL, Exodus Records, Castles In The Air & EDEN.Like Daft Punk and MF DOOM prior, omnis vos scio seeks to incorporate his love of art, culture and photography to craft his anonymous production project.

Starting with fashion, omnis vos scio transitioned into music and has created a synergy between his two passions. Omnis vos scio has proven themself as a creative force to be reckoned with. They’ve used YouTube to get their instrumentals out there and have amassed thousands of views.

Factory of the sol founder
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