Clubhouse Collective is an independent platform designed to promote collaboration and showcase creative talent within the worlds of art, fashion and music.

Starting out in a bedroom, in the heart of London, the movement began after a 4am conversation about the creative industries being the hardest to make a name for yourself if you’re not in the right cliques. This needs to change. The goal is to become a media company for all things creative, focusing on art, fashion, music and world news. We aim to collaborate with and promote as many visionaries as possible. We aim to change the game. We aim to amplify the unheard and to expose the unseen.

About the founder

After struggling with education, I decided uni wasn’t for me. I took a position in retail, whilst debating what to do with my life. I started to work at the Vintage Market on Brick Lane and quickly discovered this is something I could do independently. I then picked up my own stalls on Brick Lane and Portobello Green and I haven’t looked back since. When looking for a creative outlay and to support those around me, I decided to start hosting events with a difference. My resilient character ensures that I gain strength from my mistakes whilst building on my successes.

Chris Clubhouse collective