British Asian Women’s Magazine is an online magazine for south Asian women in the UK.

British Asian Women’s Magazine is a digital media platform for south Asian women in the UK. Covering everything from hair and beauty and cultural think-pieces to financial know-how and mental health and well-being, it caters to and represents the 2M south Asian women in the UK and in doing so is helping to diversify women’s magazines and British media.

Accompanying it is an online marketplace for businesses and brands started by south Asians to sell their products and services. Called The Desi Market, it’s a one-stop-shop for consumers looking to buy the many niche south Asian products and taps into a growing desire to buy from small and diverse businesses, therefore putting a necessary spotlight on unique cultural brands and all they have to offer.

About the founder

Both British Asian Women’s Magazine and The Desi Market were founded, and created by Zayani Bhatt, a part time poet and journalist who has written for the BBC, New Statesman and The Financial Times.

Zayani BAWM
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