ATA RODO is a platform which organises events and exhibitions promoting art by Black women and women of colour.

ATA RODO showcases art by Black women and women of colour through events and exhibitions. Societies flourish when all voices are heard, and ATA RODO recognises the additional difficulties that Black women and women of colour face within the art world. Art is such a powerful tool in promoting social change, and through giving these women an exclusive platform to showcase their work to a variety of people, ATA RODO aims to cultivate discussion, challenge stigmas and shape new ways of thinking

About the founder

Funso is a model, actor, photographer and graduate anthropologist based in London. After talking to many black and brown female creatives over the years, she discovered that they all had similar issues surrounding the exhibition of their art. Some stated that their work is often misunderstood in art spaces due to lack of understanding of its cultural background. Others said that they have felt ostracised in some creative spaces. All of them emphasised how hard it is to get their work out there. This was further emphasised during her studies, where her focus on the anthropology of race, gender and identity gave her the language to articulate why and how these issues occured.