Anna Calandra enables media companies to do justice to stories the world needs, by providing planning, production, and promotional support.

Anna has been a great asset to Goldhawk Productions… She is a creative force to be reckoned with.

Since launching her business as a Media Production Specialist, Anna has been helping media producers meet the challenges they face such as deadlines being missed, or losing out on exciting new projects, due to work overload. Delegating tasks to multiple contractors is time-consuming and unnecessarily expensive.

What producers need is someone skilled in and enthusiastic about all aspects of production – cue Anna Calandra – a friendly face, happy and able to fill gaps, from casting to script-writing, video-editing to running promotional campaigns.

About the founder

Anna Calandra thrives on variety and creative challenges. After graduating in Film and Media, Anna’s career took her to Beijing for four years, where she worked as a TV Producer and Presenter, and in PR, podcasting and singing. She has now set up her own business in the UK, taking the weight off producers’ shoulders, so they can claim back their time and creative energy. With a current client’s podcast at the top of the UK and US fiction charts, Anna is fired up about helping new voices reach the same dizzying heights, championing stories that need to be heard.

Anna Calandra
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