What is Get in?

If you’re aged between 16-25 and love the buzz of live performance, then GET IN is for you! GET IN is a free membership scheme giving you:

  • Access to buy exclusive £5 tickets to selected Roundhouse gigs and shows plus occasional freebies
  • Access to buy up to 2 tickets per event
  • Access to show announcements, behind the scenes updates and videos via our Young Creatives Newsletter


How do I book?

  • Choose your event from the list below
  • Make sure you log in to your GET IN member account
  • Choose the GET IN booking link on the show page (not the main booking link). Select the GET IN £5 tickets suddenly made available to you! (If no GET IN tickets show up then they’ve sold out – sorry!)
  • You can book up to two tickets per event for you and a mate but remember that they’ll also need to be aged 16-25
  • Your tickets will be held for collection on the door. You’ll need your GET IN Membership card and both you and your guest will have to show photo ID confirming your date of birth. Find out what ID you can use.
  • Or course if the internet’s not your thing you can sign up and book in person at the Roundhouse as well

Make sure you read the small print or if you’ve any questions then email

What shows can I see?

There’s a limited allocation of £5 GET IN tickets for the following shows (you’ll need to get in quick to make sure you bag them first!)

The Last Word Festival

13 June – Pundemonium! Live
13 June – Roundhouse Poetry Collective Live
14 June – Poetry Slam Heat
14 June – Chronophob
15 June – Black Wave Presents
15 June – Poetry Slam Heat
16 June – LOL, inshaAllah
16 June – Poetry Slam Heat
17 June – A Buried Time
17 June – Fake Casualness
17 June – Mostly Lit
18 June – I Knew You
18 June – ISH
19 June – Jade Anouka Poetry
19 June – I Knew You
20 June – Let Me Out My Room Please
20 June – I Knew You
21 June – Shall We Take This Outside?
21 June – Likkle Rum With Grandma
22 June – Essex Girl
22 June – Pokeman G.O.A.T
23 June – White
23 June – Estamos Presente
23 June – Good Presence
24 June – Friends For All
24 June – You Must Learn to Understand
24 June – Ausual and Other Illusories
24 June – The Last Word Film Fund Screening
26 June – Lil.Miss.Lady
26 June – Itch
27 June – Suitman Jungle
27 June – Two Little Ducks
28 June – Brigitte Aphrodite Live
28 June – Poetry Slam Final
28 June – Oi! Barman
29 June – The Guilty Feminist
29 June – Oi! Barman
29 June – What Words Are Ours?
29 June – Losing the Night
30 June – Saul Williams
30 June – Mixtape
30 June – Fragments
1 July – The Distance
1 July – Mabel & Mickey
1 July – Background People