Got an idea or plan for a performing arts project but need money to make it happen? Find out about all the funding options available to you from a panel of industry experts!

What will I get from taking part?
On this masterclass you will:

  • Learn how to write an application and what funders are looking for
  • Discover how successful artists complete funding applications, and understand how you could apply their techniques to your own applications.
  • Learn about the funding options that are available to you and how to best access them
  • Learn budgeting skills and how to make a show on a shoestring budget and have the opportunity to ask your own specific questions to the panel

Who will be teaching the project?
A diverse panel of freelance artists and experts in funding, marketing and taxes including Arts Council England.

Do I need any particular skills or experience to take part?
This masterclass is for anyone who is interested in learning more about funding for performing arts projects. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t currently working on a project that needs funding, you just need to want to learn more. However, you may find you’ll get the most out of it if you can come with questions based on your own plans or ideas.

Is there anything I need to bring or wear?
A pen and paper.

I’m not sure I can afford to take part…
If you need help to pay for things like project fees, transport or childcare, we can help. Find out how you can get support.

I have additional needs. Can I still take part?
We have places available on all our projects for individuals with additional needs. Get in touch so that we can discuss your requirements and do our best in supporting you.

How to Enrol