“Neon Neon”:http://lexprojects.com/artists/neon-neon/ return with an exclusive laptop set at Roundhouse Rising. Producer / musician Bryan Hollon and vocalist / musician Gruff Rhys take new instrumentals from the studio to play them in public for the first time.

Listen to recent track, taken from Lex Records’ 10th Anniversary Compilation, “Complex”:http://lexprojects.com/2011/12/boom-bip-gruff-rhys-new-neon-neon-track-wheels-for-complex-compilation/.

Founded in 2001, “Lex”:http://lexprojects.com/ is an independent record label based in London and New York. Lex usually signs artists directly, works with them to develop projects and releases them internationally. Lex artists with recent and forthcoming projects include Danger Mouse, DOOM, Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins, Neon Neon and The Nevermen.