Anti-Ghost Moon Ray is a Brighton and London-based independent record label, blog and arts collective run by art-pop scientist Bernholz, the shape-shifting electronic soloist Gazelle Twin, the hypnotic Acquaintance and fuzzed-up indie/pop collective Great Pagans.

Stream or download Anti Ghost Moon Ray’s Rising EP and hear tracks from each of the artists performing here

“Bernholz”: is the art-pop solo project by artist and multi-instrumentalist Jez Berns. Described by Artrocker Magazine as both a “Mad Professor” and “a haunted radiator”, Bernholz’s mix of analogue instruments and highly creative songwriting takes on influences as far and wide as Laurie Anderson, Berlin-era Bowie, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and Madonna. Bernholz is a prolific creator and alongside his single and forthcoming album he has also released a series of three, free digital mini-albums. ‘Consequences’ are experiments in ambient electronics, 4-track recording, sampling and analogue synthesizers and each have accompanying self-made videos/animations.

Working in music, film and performance, Elizabeth Walling is the sole creator behind “Gazelle Twin”: – the shape-shifting, mysterious figure that fronts her solo, electronic music project. Gazelle Twin’s first self-release, The Entire City was described as ‘A stunning debut’ by The Guardian who also awarded it a rare 5/5 review along with The Independent and further highly ranked reviews from the BBC, Drowned in Sound and the NME. The album also won the praise of artists such as Gary Numan, John Foxx, Clint Mansell and even Ridley Scott, who ‘ok’d’ the usage of ‘Bell Tower’ in one of the viral films he made for Prometheus.Gazelle Twin rarely performs live, but after a handful of appearances in Brighton, London, Berlin and Basel, 2013 sees the return of her live show with a new album and numerous collaborations.

“Acquaintance”: is a new electronic music project from Brighton. Combining elements of house, R&B, ambient, and three decades of electronic pop, Acquaintance has a hypnotic, layered sound, complemented by a highly conceptual approach to songwriting. The debut album will be released on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray Records in Spring 2013.

“Great Pagans”: is the first full band to release material on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray Records, one exuding a different sound and energy, but the same perfectionist quality of the label’s previous releases. Great Pagan’s sound is dripping with driven guitar riffs and quick-witted indie-pop refrains – ‘Not been myself lately and I’m not too sure who’s replaced me’ – played out in a hazy soundscape of fuzzy feedback and psychedelia. A sound straddling the shoe-gaze sonic atmospherics of the likes of My Bloody Valentine and the alternative noise-rock whirlwind heat of Sonic Youth, with a glistening shimmer of the suave, sophisticated pop-sensibilities of Bowie.