Un-Convention at Roundhouse Rising 2012 looks at political voices and social messages through spoken word, hip hop, social media, art and culture. It’s about people’s voices and getting them heard. Two simultaneous events connecting with each other in real time: Roundhouse, London UK with The Museum of Modern Art, Medellin Colombia, explore the voices and messages of young people through music, art and digital media. The day explores the sounds, ideas and projects that help change the world and society and make people think differently.

Panels include Female MCs, Hip Hop (live from the barrios of Medellin), Social Media in Places of War, Digital Innovation, Latin American Music in the UK (curated by Como No), Culture is Propaganda: Is Colombia’s new wave of cultural stars changing the image of a troubled nation? (curated by Colombiage), intermixed with spoken word and hip hop performance.

Un-Convention is a global music and creative community that meets physically and virtually to share ideas; discusses and debates cutting edge issues around music, technology and creativity; and facilitates members engagement with their peers.

The community is driven by a not-for-profit initiative that sees opportunity for the grassroots in changes to the way that music is being produced, consumed and sustained. Un-Convention understands that the most interesting stuff happens on the margins. We don’t mind the mainstream; we just don’t find it relevant. Un-Convention doesn’t believe in ‘do it yourself’. We believe in ‘do it together’.

We have made 22 events happen everywhere from Swansea to Sao Paulo and are working on 30 more around the globe, in Africa, Venezuela, Cuba and many more places. We do things that bring people together to share ideas and to collaborate with each other – from the barrios of Colombia to the streets of Salford, working with great minds along the way including Billy Bragg, Jarvis Cocker, Don Letts, Brain Travers, and Bill Drummond.