That Petrol Emotion were true one offs; a myriad of influences, a back catalogue stuffed with brilliant songs, a group blessed with gifted songwriters, a killer live act and above all a bunch a friends who were (and still remain) fans of music.

Now four members of the final line-up (Ciaran, Raymond, Brendan and Damian) have returned with a brand new sound, The Everlasting Yeah. The emphasis is on the collective – this time the whole tribe sings. At the tail end of 2012 they played two ecstatically received gigs in London and Oxford and have been writing and honing a killer set in the meantime.

Of course there are echoes of the Petrol’s signature sound in TEY, however this is very much an upgrade on the classic template of melody-harmony-beat-noise. Some say their music is Keltic Kosmische Musik, others just say ‘YEAH!’ A debut album is in the pipeline and promises to be something very special indeed.