Dazzlingly virtuosic and irresistibly exhilarating, Scottish folk/world five-piece Moishe’s Bagel stir up a wealth of cosmopolitan flavours – including klezmer, Balkan, Middle Eastern, and Celtic sounds – into a truly sumptuous musical feast.

Based in Edinburgh, with a line-up of violin, piano, accordion, double bass and percussion, the band draw on diverse backgrounds of jazz and classical, British folk and tango, playing largely original material that matches awesome technical prowess with thrillingly visceral impact.

Their unique creative synergy – fusing playfulness and passion, outstanding musicianship and outrageous chutzpah, deep traditional roots and dauntless cross-genre imagination – shines through in electrifying live performances.


This brilliantly accomplished and adventurous five-piece emphatically puts the ‘class’ into ‘unclassifiable


Exhilarating, full-flavoured stuff, often breathtakingly intricate but played with jubilation. . . acquires the momentum of an express train

The Herald