Freerunner and circus performer Jason has been a member of the Roundhouse Board of Trustees since May 2016.

The Roundhouse goes to extraordinary lengths to provide opportunities for young people to be heard.

I love being a member of Roundhouse’s Street Circus Collective! Since joining, I’ve had the chance to perform in front of hundreds of people and join a lovely circus community. You can see the team’s confidence and focus grow each week as everyone supports one another.

When I saw that Roundhouse were offering two young people the opportunity to join their board of trustees I jumped at the chance. I applied to be a trustee because I think it is important to give back – to help other people to have the opportunities I’ve been lucky enough to experience.

Others should get the support to see the possibilities beyond what society may suggest. Though routine and regularity are important, there are many valuable experiences to be had outside of these comfort zones!

I’ve seen and experienced just how much young people are at the heart of Roundhouse. Being on the board means that I can make sure the views of young people are heard at every level.

Every step this organisation takes is focused on supporting young people. It’s interested in different perspectives and acting on out feedback.

Part of my ‘young trustee’ role involves also being part of the Roundhouse Youth Advisory Board. We’ve just raised £1,400 for the organisation by taking on the challenge of riding 100 miles on a stationary bike in the Roundhouse main space!

You can make a difference to each young person who walks through our doors. Support our work