Elise used her experiences at Roundhouse as a springboard into a radio career.

This is my story of how the Roundhouse turned my world around and I was able to achieve my dreams.

I wasn’t starving, I wasn’t homeless, I wasn’t in danger, but not everyone’s story is about being on the brink of disaster or death. Sometimes it’s about being on a downward spiral and having that feeling of despair and worthlessness.

In 2008 I had just finished University and didn’t ace my degree in a physical science. I was in a position where I felt I’d screwed up my chances of working in my dream job of music or radio and – simultaneously – my chance of getting a ‘proper’ job in science by messing up my degree.

After a year out of Uni I applied for a £10 podcast course at the Roundhouse and was accepted solely on my enthusiasm and my willingness to learn. In three months I was given the chance to create a radio show on Roundhouse Radio, then from there, a paid traineeship to run the station.

Since then I’ve had the chance to achieve my dreams and more working for BBC Radio 1/1Xtra, Xfm, BBC Introducing, I’ve run events on behalf of BBC Music, made exciting broadcast content and now I’m programming playlists for Sony.

I’ve seen so many of my friends go from being expelled from school or being told they’re a failure due to their performance at school, to getting their first taste of the creative arts and delivering some moving performances at a ridiculously young age.

All this because the old train shed in NW1 gave them a chance. It’s a really special place and I wouldn’t be where I am without the team (old and new) that gave me a chance and were friendly faces at a stressful time in my life.

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