ArA was struggling to find her identity before she signed up to a Roundhouse project. Now she’s a Resident Artist and her music career is going from strength to strength.

At school I spent most of my time battling with my identity. My education started properly when I was 22 and I got more involved in music and theatre.

Thanks to Roundhouse I’ve found out I’m a producer/singer/songwriter – it was there trapped inside me but I didn’t know how to let it out. I 100% got what I needed to start my career here.

I took part in their 6 week course On Track where I was able to work with industry professionals and create original music. After completing the course I then started to use the studios as an emerging artist member and have performed my music at Roundhouse events such as the Nando’s Music Exchange, Roundhouse Beach and Roundhouse Rising Festival.

I’ve met incredible people at the Roundhouse – a creative family – we all have energy and love and fight for what we want. Seeing my friends from On Track get managers, put on their own gigs, all thanks to the strength and encouragement from this building – its amazing. I couldnt be more proud of them.

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